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Loanable (Durham, NC)

Loanable helps you create friends and family loans online and repay them easily with auto-draft.

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2020Shift (NYC)

2020 Shift trains professionals on the skills they need to find careers they love in digital media and technology.

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Please Assist Me (Nashville, TN) 

Please Assist Me is a tech based comprehensive home assistant service. 

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DisputeDoc (Atlanta)

DisputeDoc is the first automation platform for fixing credit and improving credit scores.

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Reciprocare (D.C.)

ReciproCare helps senior care agencies and facilities find caregivers and helps caregivers find the best jobs for their unique needs.

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Partake Foods (Jersey City)

Partake Foods is a line of snacks that are free of the top 12 allergens. They're Non GMO, Kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and made with simple, whole food ingredients. 

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Ilerasoft (Cincinnati)

Ilerasoft’s software centralizes a health system’s equipment data on one platform to improve FDA safety recalls and identify defective medical equipment earlier and more accurately. 

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ScrapSports (Atlanta)

ScrapSports is the #1 platform for athletes, coaches, and fans to build their brand, share their story, and cement their legacy on the web.

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Zyrobotics (Atlanta)

Zyrobotics makes interactive STEM tools and learning games for early childhood education that are accessible, adaptive, and cloud-connected.

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Civic Eagle (Minneapolis)

Civic Eagle helps government and policy organizations learn, engage, and activate the people they serve through a suite of inexpensive software tools.